Consultancy Services

By working simultaneously across multiple locations while maintaining accurate communication between the team on through to the client level, our associates ensures all targets set by the clients are reached and completed on a timely basis. Due to the core skills of our IT management team and a close relationship with the client, we were able to locally ensure progress and satisfactory completion.

Here in North America we provide innovative ideas to the world’s leading organizations while delivering collaborative solutions for their digital challenges. Our services range from consulting on media and IT services, data collection, project management, and overall company digital transformations.

Our crosscutting solutions stem from our belief that diversity allows for higher quality and broader perspectives. With solutions designed based on client values, we develop harmonious products and processes for our customers and partners. Our strength lies in our ability to conceptualize and execute a multi-pronged strategy that will address the client’s needs and enhance their vision. We do this by applying our comprehensive urban, IT and Media knowledge to all domains of life.

Headquartered in New Jersey, GIG Contracting provides consulting services to several of the top tech companies in the industry. We provide holistic solution to all our clients starting from basic website development to complete ERP solution.

Clean your data

Our contributors can look through your data and verify the information.

Collect better data

Point our contributors to a website or a search, and let them know what data you need captured. With GIG Contracting will collect any data you need.

Get it right, fast

GIG Contracting runs around the clock. Our unique qualitycontrol mechanism get your data collected, enhanced, or verified quickly and easily